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Male Stamina


We receive tons of feedback from our happy customers. Some
of them are too graphic to be posted here. However here are just
a few male stamina testimonials that we are willing to share:”

"Sell Me One More Bottle"

I took the thing last night and this morning I got up with the strongest erection I can remember in years. I touched my wife and when she saw it she asked me which young girl I was dreaming about. When I explained to her that it was the Black Stallion I took, she said ” Well you have to get another bottle for tomorrow”!!!

Elderly Customer


I am 68 yrs old and this is the first time in my life I can remember feeling my private part so engorged. My God, what a feeling!

Mr. Brown

"Rock Solid!…"

My penis was rock solid! I saw veins I never even know existed!

Timothy Clarke

"Powerful Stuff"

This is some powerful stuff. What you put in it? My wife now wants me to use it every time we make love

Mr. Thompson

"Prostate Relief"

I have been suffering from an enlarged prostate since 1998 and within 2 weeks of using your product I have been having tremendous relief

Name Withheld

"Still Hard After Climax"

My partner could not believe I was still hard after climax, we had another session 5 minutes later!


"Breakfast in Bed!"

“I performed so well last night, my wife gave me breakfast in bed!”

Caller on popular radio program



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