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Frequently Asked Questions About Black Stallion™

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What is the cost of BLACK STALLION™ ?

Answer…The cost per box of 12 bottles is only JM$6,200.00 or (US$69.95) + Shipping and Handling . (Maximum 3 boxes per order).

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Do you ship outside of Jamaica ?

Answer…Yes we now ship, for personal use only (1 to 3 boxes per order) by Express Mail Service (EMS), from Jamaica Post to the following countries:-

UNITED KINGDOM.,  using Jamaica Post Express Services (No PO Boxes Please).

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What is the recommended dosage of  BLACK STALLION™ ?

Answer…Drink entire 40 ml (1.5 Ounce) bottle 45 minutes before sex. However half a bottle has been still quite adequate for most men.

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How long does the effect generally last ?

Answer…24 hours. However it is common for users to feel the effect up to 72 hours !

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How does it all work?

Answer…Black Stallion increases blood flow to a man’s sex organ giving the hardest erection imaginable. Please see the “How it works?” Page

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I have a problem with high blood pressure – can I use the BLACK STALLION™ ?

Answer… Black Stallion may cause a headache in users suffering from hypertension (high blood pressure). We do not recommend it for such users.

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What are the advantages of using BLACK STALLION™ ?

Answer…As a potent herbal product you receive natural relief without the harmful side effects of harsh drugs.

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What are the ingredients in BLACK STALLION™?

Answer… Please see the “Ingredients” Page

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Does it help with my prostate ?

Answer…it has been reported by few customers that by taking a teaspoon of BLACK STALLION™ daily they experienced significant relief from their enlarged prostate  symptoms.

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